Yi has  travelled around the world with her family before finally settling down in Austria, in a small town close to Vienna. She has worked on quilts wherever she went. She likes to visit quilt shops, but then she found her problem: she collected a big pile of  fabrics some of them are not even used, because once they are cut in the shop, you cannot return them any more. So she had an idea, why not give people possibility to return and exchange the fabrics if they are not used? That’s the beginning of the journey—— an online fabrics shop which allows quilters to choose, to buy, to compare and to return. At an even cheaper price, you have more choices and more services.

Quilting for her is not only a passion, but also a soul therapy. It helped her a lot during the lock downs and other difficult moments. She is a big fan of Edyta Sitar, the big master of fabric design and quilting. That’s why, the Edyta Sitar designed fabrics form the majority of her selection. Every selected fabric is a master piece and designed for the purpose of quilting. You can choose either a bundle, with matching colours, or choose individual pieces. The purpose of the shop is to satisfy customers’ needs and to make the quilting as relaxing as possible. Start a tour in the shop, you won’t be disappointed!

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